Pick your poison.

Cradles of Life

A variation on the classic "Scorpion" bowl made famous at the Kon-Tiki in Tuscon, Arizona. Karin "Cobra" Stanley's very own blend of silver and spiced rums, fresh citrus, house-made orgeat, and Angostura bitters is regally garnished wi...


With several variations hailing from Cuba to Martinique and beyond--we're not talking just rum, lime, and sugar here. The Daiquiri is the mother of ALL rum cocktails. Talk to your bartender, and take a trip around the islands.


Classic frozen drinks have been neglected for way too long. Pina Coladas and Strawberry Daiquiris are no longer considered a guilty pleasure to be enjoyed on cruise ships and hidden island resorts. Don't be afraid to try your luck.

Inglorious Suffering Bastards

Originally called the "Suffering Bar Steward" (say it fast), this cocktail was born in 1942 at Shepherd's Hotel in Cairo and was originally served as a hangover cure for British officers. A pleasant combination of lime juice, ginger sy...

Mai Tais

A Trader Vic classic, this cocktail has been embraced and re-interpreted by many. Ours is a blend of Jamaican rum, overproof demerara rum, lime juice, house-made orgeat and curacao with a gentle float of demerara rum. Mai Tai is Tahit...

Painkiller's Choice

Give us free reign to ease your pain.


Swizzles are named after the small multi-pronged wooden sticks used to prepare cocktails and punches throughout the Caribbean. They vary from refreshing and fruity to strong and austere. Have a discussion with your bartender to decide ...

Zombie Punches

Although its exact origins are disputed, the Zombie was made famous by the efforts of Donn Beach. This masterpiece has evolved since its first incarnation in 1934 into a complicated puzzle that has put a permanent hex on both bartender...