Welcome everyone.  It is quite common to hear devout tikiphiles declare their fondness for the culture as a whole as it provides them with an “escape” from the doldrums of everyday life.  Its is with this same sense of “escapism” in mind that we have conceptualized both our cocktail menu and our bar. We recollect with genuine fondness the bygone era, not four decades past, when people were able to run free and wild in the streets of our fair city, New York. They created their own unique and remarkable subculture within a larger pre-existing entity. These weren’t always necessarily “good” people insofar as the general consensus but they were always good to us. New York City was scary back then. But it was also exciting; it had the reputation of being the place to be.

We have recognized that there is a parallel between island cultures, both Polynesian and Old Manhattan. That having been said, Painkiller is an effort to establish a unique style of tiki.  We are not going to be following any guidelines other than the ones that we set for ourselves.   We aren’t afraid to take a labor intensive approach if the result means that we will be able to serve them the best possible cocktail. Our goal (one of many) is to have a cocktail program that brings the most serious approach to a genre that quite honestly bartenders around the world have been afraid to take on and commit themselves to.  We want to apply our unique philosophy on drink preparation to the classic polynesian-style cocktail.

We believe that the tiki bar should be a place where one can always see a sea of smiles.  The bartenders are glad to be there. The guests are happy. The cocktails, the island dress and the music aren’t necessarily the only elements that make a tiki bar a place where we all want to go for an “escape.” The PEOPLE make it great. YOU make it great.  We are carrying on a tradition. This bar will be doing things differently but by no means not showing respect and reverence for those bartenders that came before us.  We are attempting to do just as Trader Vic and Donn Beach did before us… Make beautiful, delicious cocktails.

We hope that we will be welcomed into the fold as an island outpost amongst the many within the pantheon that we all look towards for an “escape.”  We promise to always make sure that everything that we prepare for you is made with respect and care. Our vision is practically the same as any of the great tiki bars: we hope that people will leave our bar with a smile and a sense of happiness. We want people to remember that the island of Manhattan, to us, is the greatest island on Earth. When you are at Painkiller, we do not want to provide you with an escape from where you are; we want to remind you that you are where you want to be.

Mahalo ‘Ohana,
Giuseppe and Richard